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By Wee Yen | Back in love

I’m glad to have met Andres Rizo and Guillermo Gonzalez when I was visiting showroom in Guadalajara. They have very interesting design with a hint of eco-fashion element in their collection that caught my attention to do an interview on the spot with them.

How did colaboracion00 begin?

C00: Colaboración00 is a project that was created in late 2011. We (Andrés Rizo & Guillermo González) got together and came up with the idea of creating a collaboration in which the two of us would design and create a new clothing line for men and women. It all started in Mexico City, the country’s main fashion showcase.

What’s the inspiration/style of colaboracion00 and its collections?

C00: Our brand has as its main direction, to create high quality clothing that is both casual and elegant. Clothes that can be used throughout the year without having as a restriction a determined season. Colección01 is our first collection, which is an urban and versatile mix of fabrics and cuts. We used African tie-dye as the only colour accents in determined details.

What’s the eco-fashion element in your collection?

C00: The main eco-fashion element that we used is African tie-dye. It was brought from Livingstone, Zambia. It is made with natural pigments and absolutely no chemicals involved in its creation. The amazing variety of colours and hand-made designs were very important factors in our selection of the fabrics. With this product we believe that the local artisans can get benefit for their work and also that it contributes in both preserving the environment and local traditions.

What’s your future plan towards a complete eco-fashion collection?

C00: The are a lot of steps in order to accomplish an entire eco-fashion collection. One of the main ones would be using and promoting local fabrics and also making sure that they are made with not so harming processes to the environment. Eco-fashion also definitely needs more diffusion in order to make everyone appreciate its values and potentials.

What do you think about eco-fashion in Mexico?

C00: Mexico has great potential for creating a strong eco-fashion industry. There are many natural and hand-made fabrics all over the country that can be explored, developed and introduced in new ways and for more adaptable uses. As for its challenges, Mexico needs to experiment and create new options for this almost untouched and wonderful field. We as a company and also as individuals would be very thrilled and very looking forward in having new and ecological fabrics being made in our country.

Where can people know more about your collection and buy them?

C00: Colaboración00 has recently launched its website in which local and International shipping is available, as well as the complete collection and lookbook. Currently Colaboración00 is on sale in Celeste House in Mexico City and Cabinet in Guadalajara.