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“Exchange” to Enjoy Fashion in a Green Way

By Wee Yen | Back in Love

Imagine a clothing store where everything is free for you to bring home. Yes, fashion exchange party bring people together to share and enjoy fashion. Everybody go to the party by bringing something they no longer wear but still good and gorgeous; and leave the party with a bag of something that is new to them.

Fashion exchange not only helps to recycle good clothing to reduce textile waste, but also helps to collect better quality clothing for charity. Fashion exchange has been popular in many countries, such as US, Canada, England and Australia.

In Mexico, the culture of exchange is still a rather odd concept to be embraced, mainly because of the weird feeling of wearing clothing that was previously worn by another person. Worn clothing give a “wakala” feeling? I would say “Just put them in the washing machine and it will be clean to be worn again”. The same as washing the new blouse you paid $599pesos for in a boutique before first wearing them because you knew that blouse was previously tried on by many persons in the fitting room.

Fashion exchange is a different concept of enjoying fashion in a green way. If you like experience it, you can bring something and come to the event on this Saturday (2 June, 2012) at 5pm in Teu Lloc, Guadalajara. Check out more info at

Other than “Back in Love”, there are also several projects that promote fashion exchange, such as “École Colectivo” and “Lost&Found”.