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Is your Wardrobe Green?

By Wee Yen | Back in Love

In the recently Oscar award 2012, many gorgeous dresses or tux worn by celebrities on the red carpet were spotted green (“eco-fashion”). For example, The Lanvin’s first ever custom made eco gown worn by the Best Actress Oscar award winner, Meryl Streep; and the organic silk dress worn by the actress of “The Artist”, Missi Pyle.

Green is definitely becoming the new black. It is the up-coming glamour with conscience. While some might think that eco-friendly fashion just means clothing made with organic cotton or recycled yarns, there are actually many ways to have a greener wardrobe! Here are the 6 simple ways to green your wardrobe.

1. Accessorize and Mix&Match.

It is smarter to learn to work with what you have instead of throwing out your wardrobe and buy a whole new eco-wardrobe. Accessories like brightly colored scarf or sparkling jewelry can afford you thousands of different combinations and unique looks.

2. Quality over Quantity.

When you do start shopping, choose something that will last for years- not just in terms of durability, but timelessness in style or something that is multi-functional or reversible to give you many different outfits for the price of one. This way, you can save money in a long run and be eco-friendly with lesser textile waste.

3. Shop Secondhand.

When you buy used clothing, you’re recycling it, saving it from the landfill. And it required no additional resources to produce it. Also, since vintage looks are in style, why pay full price for an 80’s-inspired shirt when you can have an authentic one? Shopping good secondhand is just like excavating gold, it take more time to find the great treasures. There will be a post in future to feature some of the great vintage shops in Mexico.

4. Repair & Repurpose.

Taking vintage clothes and remake them into brand new creations will surely be the eco-fashion envied by all your friends. There are many tailors and alteration places that can help you repair the broken zip or refashion your old clothes into something fabulous.

5. Hand washing and line drying

Knowing that we are all too busy to handwash everything, the next best option for us is to use Energy Star washing machine to save energy. However, there is no excuse for not line drying, especially for the hot weather that we are getting for spring and coming summer in Mexico. It is better for your clothes too.

6. Interchange of fashion.

What better way to spend an evening than with friends and trying on each other’s clothes? Interchange of fashion is an easy way to unload clothes that you are tired of and also score new pieces without actually having to spend any money. This is super cheap and super sustainable since no new clothes were made. You can organize your own party with friends or join an event that’s already planned. Back in Love is one of the online community actively promoting interchange of fashion in Mexico.

So, which of the 6 are you going to do for your wardrobe?

After greening your wardrobe, I’ll bring you to explore green fashion lifestyle and the eco fashion world.